About Me

My name is Pam Southernwood aka Averilpam, and I live in Lancaster in the Northwest of England. I moved here from Leeds when I had to leave my job in a busy post office due to ill health.
I live in a little bungalow close to Lancaster canal, and have a small garden where I feed birds and grow flowers and a little veg as well as working on my crafts. 

I have loved to craft and create for most of my life, learning to sew on my mum's treadle sewing machine. I later learned to spin and weave and started to make scarves with the yarns I created.  I have spun wool, mohair, alpaca, silk and various other fibres like bamboo and even dog hair. (no, I don't use dog hair in my scarves!)
My scarves are handwoven using a mix of homespun yarn - primarily wool and alpaca -  and other interesting yarns, for example recycled sari yarn which is made from the waste produced by commercial sari weaving.  This adds a splash of colour to the natural tones of homespun yarn. These days I am weaving less and doing more knitting but I am happy to make woven scarves to order, priced from £30. 

I make most of my jewellery from polymer clay - a modelling clay which is baked in an oven at a low temperature. I also love to use semi precious stones and gorgeous Czech glass beads.

I make buttons from polymer clay in a variety of sizes and styles. Some are made using moulds I have made from my collection of vintage buttons. Others are textured or made using polymer clay canes to create patterns and which can be made in many colours and different sizes.